Advanced Wireless Bluetooth Headset for Motorcycle Bike Helmet (Company: OPUS High Technology) (Brand: beLINK)

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OPUS beLINK Advanced H02i
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    Connected & Entertained on the road!

    Key Features

    Please enjoy a 2 minutes video for product introduction: 
                 »  http://youtu.be/hUoZKPv9JT0 

    beLINK is the world's first  INTERNAL TYPE  wireless headset designed specifically for motorcycle helmets. 

    Insert beLINK inside your helmet, pair with your smartphone(or Bluetooth device) and you are ready to wirelessly take calls, listen to music and receive GPS voice navigation. You can even talk directly, helmet-to-helmet intercom without a phone. 

    While riding a motorcycle on the road, only beLINK can keep you... 
      - SAFE, 
      - CONNECTED, and 
      - ENTERTAINED.  

    Why the design of  " INTERNAL TYPE "  is so important: 
    1. Hidden inside your helmet 
        (External type: Placed outside your helmet)
    2. Completely newly designed, stay away from price competition  
        (External type: Old design for years, out of fashion, causes price war)
    3. Unaffected by sunlight & heat 
        (External type: May malfunction by exposure to the sun. Decreasing service life, destroying exterior)
    4. Unaffected by rainwater & snow 
        (External type: May malfunction by exposure to rainwater & snow. Decreasing service life, destroying exterior)
    5. Unaffected by impact 
        (External type: May malfunction during impact with other objects)
    6. Unaffected by wind chill & cold weather 
        (External type: May malfunction by exposure to wind chill & cold weather)
    7. Safely attached inside the grooves of the helmet with nylon velcro 
        (External type: Fastened by drills & fixtures to the helmet. Installation is unsafe, complicated & destroying)
    8. The headset can be easily detached and re-attached to other helmets 
        (External type: Once attached, it can't be removed. Forceful detachment will damage helmet & headset) 

    Product Specifications: 
    beLINK H02 beLINK H02i
    Bluetooth version V2.1 V3.0
    Bluetooth RF specifications Class II Class I
    RF Frequency 2.40 ~ 2.48 GHz 2.40 ~ 2.48 GHz
    Telephone ( take calls, reject calls ) Yes Yes
    Listen to music Yes Yes
    Listen to GPS voice navigation Yes Yes
    Intercom (one to one) N/A Up to 500 meters when in open space without signal interference
    Charger  110/240V   50/60Hz 110/240V   50/60Hz
    Charging Voltage 5V 5V
    Battery  Re-chargeable Li-Polymer ( Lithiumion ) - 550mAh Re-chargeable Li-Polymer ( Lithiumion ) - 550mAh
    Charging time 3 hours 3 hours
    Talking time Max. 8 hours according to conditions of use Max. 8 hours according to conditions of use
    Standby time Max. 150 hours according to conditions of use Max. 150 hours according to conditions of use
    * The specifications may be modified without prior notice.

    Main Export Market

    Canada ,France ,Japan ,United Kingdom ,United States

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